Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sorry!I am not dead!

          Hey people!I am sorry! I am not dead! I just haven't been able to go on a computer!But hey(!), that's what friends are for right?!heheheh......Thank you Bixie Willow for letting me use her the way,sorry Bixie for spray painting your your yard. You see?! I am terrible to my friends! Anyways, I just made this to tell you that I will (hopefully) be able to post more!Bye and I hope I will see much more of this blog,this summer!Stay Creepy!


  1. Hey Ivy

    Could you do a post on how to do styles of Neo-Victorian goth makeup? By the way, love your blog :D

    Aisling Child-DIY and Other Dangerous Activities (

  2. Actually I could if you want me to.but since I do not wear neovictorian goth makeup i am going to have to research it and ask my more... skilled at makeup friends.but i will try!