Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nightmares Gone Terribly Fucking Weird?!

          I recently(last night) had a very strange dream.It involved the smile Andy Biersack makeup, my crush, a van, glitter/powdery type skin flakes, aliens,my phone being called by the alien,and a bunch of other weird little things. My partner in crime(Bixie Willow) chatted with me on Meebo for an hour trying to figure it out. But still,I have no luck in this strange time. I'm sorry I haven't updated more but with school and my freaky ass dreams I kind of have no energy. As I'm writing this,my heart is beating incredibly fast just thinking about my dream. It's nighttime and I dread sleeping in my nightmare prone room.(I'm serious, I'm beginning to have the strangest nightmares!)
        Since I'm too shaken up to make a post that's half as good as I want it to be,I'll just ask you guys this: Have you ever had a nightmare/Dream that affected you immensely? And if so,what was the dream?Please PLEASE share your experience with me.I want to know what strange things people's brain's make them see at night! :D And if you could help me figure out my dream I'd really appreciate it!
         Watching:CapnDesDes on Check out his channels CapnDesDes and DesandNate. I think he and Nate are hilarious.
         Anyways,I'm off to figure out my dream. I'll write a real post tomorrow. Hope you're dreams are filled with creatures slightly less creepier than mines.Sweet Dreams!!! :D