Monday, August 29, 2011

I apologize for not writing anything!...until now!

        Hello and welcome back to my lovely blog. I realize that I have been gone a long LONG time but I would still like to apologize even if it doesn't make a difference.What have I been up to, you (don't) ask? Well I've mostly been reading aside from buying 70 dollars worth of cd's every time I go to the store. besides that,....not much until school started,which for me was last wednesday.
       I look forward to coming up with with new posts and being able to share my(not so) wonderful ideas with you.In fact, after this I'm going to write another post about the music i'm listening to nowadays.
       Well I suppose I have to go finish catching up with new youtube videos and bloggers more recent posts.*sigh*It just has to be done.
        Until next post,(which is basically right now)
           -Ivy out