Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Question Tag

Question Tag!!!!!! I'm back!

I'm back! Thank you to Bixie Willow from goth-to-goth for telling me that I was tagged and reminding me to update my Blog! Sorry for my long absence...

I got tagged in a question thingy by Ms. Aisling Lark at Enjoy my weird answers?

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11 Things about Me

1: I've never considered myself Goth. That doesn't mean I disrespect or stereotype Goths, I have a friend who is Goth and  I started reading blogs and sharing links with her.  Eventually, I knew  way more than I ever thought I would and thought, "A blog? Why not?" 
 P.S I'm actually really interested in Goth; it just fascinates me. Is that weird?

2: I can say I hate some type of music, and mean it, but I'll still end up  singing along.

3:I haven't been on this website in a while for many reasons. Mainly:
School is an ass. has too many fanfictions that are a-freaking-mazing.
And Tumblr. Tumblr. Tumblr.

4:I am scared to death of dogs.

5: I have no respect for Adele because she mocked and made fun of screamo.

6:I love watching Friends and That 70's Show. Hilarious!

7: If you mess with any of my friends,  I will try to make all the time we spend together a living hell.

8:  You Done Goofed by Blood On The Dance Floor is currently my favorite song. Take that, Jessi Slaughter.

9:It takes me forever to type something up because I get distracted easily and feel the need to switch the tabs or take a sip of water every two seconds.

10: I wonder if I have an eating disorder sometimes...

11: Due to the internet, I have gone from being a straight A student to getting B's A's and a C.

Questions from Aisling Lark:

I) On average, how much time do you spend on the computer?

A: Oh god, maybe...*calculates* 8? I'm obsessed if you couldn't tell...

II) What's your favorite band/artist?

A: Blood on the Dance Floor, The Offspring, Nirvana, Porcelain Black, My Chemical Romance, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, and many more. I love music. <3

III) Are you a grammar Nazi?

Online, I kind of have to be when I'm making posts, updating stories, and so on. But in an email or letter, not really. I don't care, but people complain when I publish something and it's not grammatically correct. So to answer your question, No. :D I wasted a minute typing that for nothing.

IV) Your favorite blog?

Can it be a Tumblr blog? If so then:
But if not, then this one:

V) What is your favorite vegetable?


VI) Your guilty secret?

I was writing a fanfic about One Direction (a British and Irish Pop Boy band) and was reading numerous blogs and websites dedicated to them, so naturally I listened to their music (pop). I like One Direction, is what I'm saying.

VII) Do you like pigeons?

No, pigeons annoy me. Flying animals annoy me because I feel like they're going to poop on me. :(

VIII) Dog, cat or hamster?

Right now, Hamster because it would be the easiest to take care of and I don't like being responsible. But when I get older, I'll probably get a bulldog; I'm used to them and they're the only type of dog I can stand next to, and not lose my shit out of fright. <3

IX) What is your favorite CD?

Dying Is Your Latest Fashion by Escape the Fate; with Ronnie Radke, not Craig Mabbit. Team Radke!!!!

X) Your earliest memory?

Being shorter than the pull out cutting board and telling my Dad to make me a ham sandwich.

XI) What is the best thing that has happened to you this/last week?

Surprisingly enough, my period. My period actually gets me happy, but easily frustrated. I won't complain though, I wake up in a good mood.

My Questions!:

1. Favorite band/artist and type of music?

2.Biggest pet peeve?

3. Opinions on Fan Fictions?

4. Inspirations and Idols?

5. What's covering your walls at the moment?

6. Something your mind always seems to wander off to? Ex. a specific memory, a catchy yet annoying tune, someone special, etc.

7. Someone's voice who you can absolutely not stand? Ex. Juliet Simms, a random neighboor, the people who yell while selling something, etc.

8. Most vivid and or recurring dream?

9. (This one's a dare and question. Do the dare first then write the outcome.)Try doing this. It's really fun and interesting if it works. Write about the outcome once you've done it.

10. Favorite author? 

11. Favorite websites?
I tag...

All of my followers and everyone who reads this. Oh, how lazy I am to not bother looking through and linking everyone. But, if you're reading this, or follow me, do it! It's actually really fun!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Permenently Back!

I have already made a post like this one another time when I left this blog, I slack off a lot( sorry), but I am permanently back now! Thank you to Bixie Willow from for telling me to get my ass over here and write!

I will post a Question tag tomorrow, nearly time for bed, but I just though to let you know that I have stopped spazzing out on this blog, and will be posting things soon.

See you soon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nightmares Gone Terribly Fucking Weird?!

          I recently(last night) had a very strange dream.It involved the smile Andy Biersack makeup, my crush, a van, glitter/powdery type skin flakes, aliens,my phone being called by the alien,and a bunch of other weird little things. My partner in crime(Bixie Willow) chatted with me on Meebo for an hour trying to figure it out. But still,I have no luck in this strange time. I'm sorry I haven't updated more but with school and my freaky ass dreams I kind of have no energy. As I'm writing this,my heart is beating incredibly fast just thinking about my dream. It's nighttime and I dread sleeping in my nightmare prone room.(I'm serious, I'm beginning to have the strangest nightmares!)
        Since I'm too shaken up to make a post that's half as good as I want it to be,I'll just ask you guys this: Have you ever had a nightmare/Dream that affected you immensely? And if so,what was the dream?Please PLEASE share your experience with me.I want to know what strange things people's brain's make them see at night! :D And if you could help me figure out my dream I'd really appreciate it!
         Watching:CapnDesDes on Check out his channels CapnDesDes and DesandNate. I think he and Nate are hilarious.
         Anyways,I'm off to figure out my dream. I'll write a real post tomorrow. Hope you're dreams are filled with creatures slightly less creepier than mines.Sweet Dreams!!! :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Alternative Challenge 2,3,and 4

            So since these are all going to be rather short I'm going to group them together.
                                                Here goes nothing:
              2.Share photo's and experiences of my early 'doom and gloom' days.
         Well I don't really have photo's now because I'm fairly new to the whole Alternative scene. Not new enough to where I'm thinking Well everyone says that Emo kids do this so I have to do it to,but new enough to the point where I have practically no pictures or experiences.
              Hmm.. any experiences I have.... well I recently saw one of my friends that I haven't talked to in awhile and she said "Are you goth now?" I told her no even though I think of myself as a mixture of weird,Emo,Punk,and Goth. I only have one more experience.I heard from friends that there were rumors going around the school that I cut myself.I can kind of see where people would think that because I always have a long jacket on.Whether I'm wearing long sleeves or not,whether its summer or winter,I always have a jacket on.Don't ask me;I don't know why,I just do.
                                         3.Coming out of the Dark Closet
             I never really came out per say.Like I said above,I'm fairly new to the Alternative World. My family doesn't really know what Emo or Goth is,they just think I'm weird.:D They're right!But seriously,as long as I continue to over achieve then they don't care if I wear black and listen to Screamo.My friends are smart enough to figure it out. Or at least most of them are.*shrugs*
                                  4.Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to
  • Horror books a night...but the strange thing is if I have a nightmare,I'll be scared as fuck while I'm experiencing it.But when I wake up I look around creeped out but pretty excited actually.
  • Vampire books.Except twilight.Sorry but ,personally think she needs to get tougher... she's a wimp to me. But keep in mind that I am a very...rough person that isn't afraid to tell people my opinions(aka telling them off :D).
  • I seem to like graveyards even thought I've only been there for about 10 minutes at a time a month to visit a dead family member.The whole idea about a resting place for dead souls and allowing people to visit them after life just fascinates me.And of course I,being the strange girl I am,imagine the corpse's coming to life at night when only the truly brave dare enter the land of the dead.
  • Ok I realize many of you are going to roll your eyes at me for this but I have shopped at Hottopic and besides the price,and it being mainstream,I don't really have anything wrong with it.Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below
                  I now have a laptop so I can post more often!I'll be seeing you very soon.

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    My Pathetic sxcuse

              Hello!You may(or may not) want to know why I am not posting often. Regardless of what you want,I am going to tell you anyway.My Internet is down so I have to wait for times that I am visiting friends,to update my blog.Now that you know,I can move onto other things.

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Gothic Divine Magazine: A Dictionary of Goth Terms, Words and Sayings

    Gothic Divine Magazine: A Dictionary of Goth Terms, Words and Sayings: Our follower Ashlee , writer of blog " A Mortal Doth Approach " which I suggest you follow, made a list of goth terms, words and sayings ...I think you should check it out cuz its amazing! humorous and

    The Goth(Alternative) Challenge Numero Uno!

              So now that I'm back on the computer I can finally get on to writing posts.My first post is to do the goth challenge originally made by Juliet's Lace,but I'm going to do it a little differently. Instead I am going to do an Emo/Alternative substitute to the goth challenge.So....let's get started.
                                                The Question:
                             How did you come across the subculture?
              I think the earliest time I can remember the alternative subculture is when I was like 6 or 7 and I was watching the movie "Scary Godmother" and eating carrots which reminded me of eating the head off of skinny pumpkins :)..........yeah I was a creepy little kid.Then In 3rd grade I had this really cool black and purple Gothic Japanese Spider Queen Costume complete with fishnet leggings and black and purple hair bows with spiders hanging on strings and I was really happy about it!I first learned about Emo when I was in 4th grade and thought this boy was cute.(No this is not one of those venting blog about about the one who got away!Just read on.....) So I started asking this girl about him and she said"He's Emo."
       Confused,I said"What's Emo mean?"
       "It means he cuts himself."
       "Oh" At that time I thought that was true but I now realize that it was wrong!Just because you're Emo doesn't mean you cut youself!You might be Emo and cut yourself but many other people cut and they're not Emo.Even though I thought he cut himself I still though he was cute.I'll give you a hint as to what his name is: the word Kill is in his name.I am not kidding.
                  I came across the Goth subculture when I was about 10 online. Then I met my friend Bixie Willow who was goth and I learned quite a lot more about the Goth subculture.
                                      The End
    Listening to:.....nothing. I'm watching Ray William Johnson's Daily Vlogs. For those of you who don't know about him,he is a youtuber who reviews viral videos but he makes stupidass jokes which make it even more funny.