Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Question Tag

Question Tag!!!!!! I'm back!

I'm back! Thank you to Bixie Willow from goth-to-goth for telling me that I was tagged and reminding me to update my Blog! Sorry for my long absence...

I got tagged in a question thingy by Ms. Aisling Lark at Enjoy my weird answers?

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11 Things about Me

1: I've never considered myself Goth. That doesn't mean I disrespect or stereotype Goths, I have a friend who is Goth and  I started reading blogs and sharing links with her.  Eventually, I knew  way more than I ever thought I would and thought, "A blog? Why not?" 
 P.S I'm actually really interested in Goth; it just fascinates me. Is that weird?

2: I can say I hate some type of music, and mean it, but I'll still end up  singing along.

3:I haven't been on this website in a while for many reasons. Mainly:
School is an ass. has too many fanfictions that are a-freaking-mazing.
And Tumblr. Tumblr. Tumblr.

4:I am scared to death of dogs.

5: I have no respect for Adele because she mocked and made fun of screamo.

6:I love watching Friends and That 70's Show. Hilarious!

7: If you mess with any of my friends,  I will try to make all the time we spend together a living hell.

8:  You Done Goofed by Blood On The Dance Floor is currently my favorite song. Take that, Jessi Slaughter.

9:It takes me forever to type something up because I get distracted easily and feel the need to switch the tabs or take a sip of water every two seconds.

10: I wonder if I have an eating disorder sometimes...

11: Due to the internet, I have gone from being a straight A student to getting B's A's and a C.

Questions from Aisling Lark:

I) On average, how much time do you spend on the computer?

A: Oh god, maybe...*calculates* 8? I'm obsessed if you couldn't tell...

II) What's your favorite band/artist?

A: Blood on the Dance Floor, The Offspring, Nirvana, Porcelain Black, My Chemical Romance, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, and many more. I love music. <3

III) Are you a grammar Nazi?

Online, I kind of have to be when I'm making posts, updating stories, and so on. But in an email or letter, not really. I don't care, but people complain when I publish something and it's not grammatically correct. So to answer your question, No. :D I wasted a minute typing that for nothing.

IV) Your favorite blog?

Can it be a Tumblr blog? If so then:
But if not, then this one:

V) What is your favorite vegetable?


VI) Your guilty secret?

I was writing a fanfic about One Direction (a British and Irish Pop Boy band) and was reading numerous blogs and websites dedicated to them, so naturally I listened to their music (pop). I like One Direction, is what I'm saying.

VII) Do you like pigeons?

No, pigeons annoy me. Flying animals annoy me because I feel like they're going to poop on me. :(

VIII) Dog, cat or hamster?

Right now, Hamster because it would be the easiest to take care of and I don't like being responsible. But when I get older, I'll probably get a bulldog; I'm used to them and they're the only type of dog I can stand next to, and not lose my shit out of fright. <3

IX) What is your favorite CD?

Dying Is Your Latest Fashion by Escape the Fate; with Ronnie Radke, not Craig Mabbit. Team Radke!!!!

X) Your earliest memory?

Being shorter than the pull out cutting board and telling my Dad to make me a ham sandwich.

XI) What is the best thing that has happened to you this/last week?

Surprisingly enough, my period. My period actually gets me happy, but easily frustrated. I won't complain though, I wake up in a good mood.

My Questions!:

1. Favorite band/artist and type of music?

2.Biggest pet peeve?

3. Opinions on Fan Fictions?

4. Inspirations and Idols?

5. What's covering your walls at the moment?

6. Something your mind always seems to wander off to? Ex. a specific memory, a catchy yet annoying tune, someone special, etc.

7. Someone's voice who you can absolutely not stand? Ex. Juliet Simms, a random neighboor, the people who yell while selling something, etc.

8. Most vivid and or recurring dream?

9. (This one's a dare and question. Do the dare first then write the outcome.)Try doing this. It's really fun and interesting if it works. Write about the outcome once you've done it.

10. Favorite author? 

11. Favorite websites?
I tag...

All of my followers and everyone who reads this. Oh, how lazy I am to not bother looking through and linking everyone. But, if you're reading this, or follow me, do it! It's actually really fun!

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  1. Hi There. Your Blog Title sounds like a Midnight Configuration track. Alternative Ivy is a good song title. And I also hate dogs that bark too loud. I also hate slugs that slither around the garden at night, and eat everything in sight. They even eat paper. I'm glad that I've joined your blog.