Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Alternative Challenge 2,3,and 4

            So since these are all going to be rather short I'm going to group them together.
                                                Here goes nothing:
              2.Share photo's and experiences of my early 'doom and gloom' days.
         Well I don't really have photo's now because I'm fairly new to the whole Alternative scene. Not new enough to where I'm thinking Well everyone says that Emo kids do this so I have to do it to,but new enough to the point where I have practically no pictures or experiences.
              Hmm.. any experiences I have.... well I recently saw one of my friends that I haven't talked to in awhile and she said "Are you goth now?" I told her no even though I think of myself as a mixture of weird,Emo,Punk,and Goth. I only have one more experience.I heard from friends that there were rumors going around the school that I cut myself.I can kind of see where people would think that because I always have a long jacket on.Whether I'm wearing long sleeves or not,whether its summer or winter,I always have a jacket on.Don't ask me;I don't know why,I just do.
                                         3.Coming out of the Dark Closet
             I never really came out per say.Like I said above,I'm fairly new to the Alternative World. My family doesn't really know what Emo or Goth is,they just think I'm weird.:D They're right!But seriously,as long as I continue to over achieve then they don't care if I wear black and listen to Screamo.My friends are smart enough to figure it out. Or at least most of them are.*shrugs*
                                  4.Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to
  • Horror books a night...but the strange thing is if I have a nightmare,I'll be scared as fuck while I'm experiencing it.But when I wake up I look around creeped out but pretty excited actually.
  • Vampire books.Except twilight.Sorry but ,personally think she needs to get tougher... she's a wimp to me. But keep in mind that I am a very...rough person that isn't afraid to tell people my opinions(aka telling them off :D).
  • I seem to like graveyards even thought I've only been there for about 10 minutes at a time a month to visit a dead family member.The whole idea about a resting place for dead souls and allowing people to visit them after life just fascinates me.And of course I,being the strange girl I am,imagine the corpse's coming to life at night when only the truly brave dare enter the land of the dead.
  • Ok I realize many of you are going to roll your eyes at me for this but I have shopped at Hottopic and besides the price,and it being mainstream,I don't really have anything wrong with it.Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below
                  I now have a laptop so I can post more often!I'll be seeing you very soon.

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