Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Relationship with Walking

      Hello readers.A little update on my day:I have to go on a several mile walk(probably 4 or 5 miles) in about 30 minutes or so.Just to let you know.....not that happy about it.I enjoy walking(with my friends)or when I have something to do while walking.But not when I have no music or no one to talk to.:(.When I do have music,I am most likely using my friends Ipod or  music player or whatever.But I actually don't have one myself and none of my friends are going to walk with me.My mom is taking me for a walk....yippee.*obviously sarcasm with a hint of laziness*and she doesn't have an Ipod(with music I like)but has a radio with all her favorite music on their. Her favorite music is Spanish music.I,on the other hand,am not too crazy about it.
      Anyways this blog post is basically to say that I want music while I'm doing something and I don't want to go walk in 25 minutes.Hope I didn't waste too much of your time today.(but if I did....hehehheheheh:)Have a better day than mines and I will write another post later on today when I get back.Good bye!

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  1. look at that.speak of the mother and she shall appear.she just told me to get ready.:)wish me luck. bye!